Bring your small business to life!
Engage your Customers
& Feel Proud,
with a Website that is
Easy-to-Order and Maintain:

Enjoy getting a website
with Clarity

Engage your Customers
& Feel Proud,
with a Website that is
Easy-to-Order and Maintain
We source fitting imagery
We write copy that sells
We show your brand story

You shouldn't have to feel:

Overwhelmed, Confused, or frustrated
with your website

(and neither should your customers!)


Don’t want to read? Watch this!


  • Be left full of questions on how to use your website.
  • Waste your time and money on a site that doesn’t serve you.
  • Lose revenue and chances to build customer connections…



w/Clarity + Squarespace = Your Dream Team!

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Hi, I’m Claire!

Together with my partner Sebastian, we provide:

  • Over 10 years of professional experience in web design & business innovation.

  • Experience from fundamentally supporting 5 small-businesses from the ground up.

  • Help for friendly, motivated people, just like you, to stop feeling confused and overwhelmed, and to start feeling proud and professional with their website.

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Meet Claire, co-founder and head designer of w/Clarity!
We are proud to be a Squarespace Circle Member

Hosting, domains, everything is in one place with Squarespace! Which is one of the many reasons why we use this platform for all our websites and are proud to be an official Squarespace Circle Member.

What is Squarespace? We’re glad you asked!



The w/Clarity Guarantee

We ensure your website will be:

  • Enjoyable to get & use :)
  • Built using proven business & design strategies to convert more site visitors.
  • Tailored to your unique business.
  • Easy-to-maintain/upgrade, with a simple backend (one of the many reasons we use Squarespace).
  • Covering all technical Must-Haves like: SEO, responsive design, SSL Certificates, and more.

Your Dream website, made possible.

Look at the difference w/clarity makes:

without Clarity

  • Confused by jargon
  • Overwhelmed by choices
  • Don't know how to write good copy
  • Website looks unprofessional
  • Dependent on designer/coder to make updates
  • Spend hours looking for usable images


  • Clear process with key terms explained
  • We help you make decisions that serve your biz
  • Get crystal clear copy that connects & sells
  • Sleek, professional design & functionality
  • Be empowered to easily update content yourself
  • Beautiful licensed images are provided

Find out quickly, if we offer what you’re looking for:


Getting a website should be fun! So should using it.

Our w/Clarity Process for websites that convert

Our w/Clarity Design Process, uses both customer-centric design AND business knowledge when building your site.

Because a website that looks good but doesn’t do anything for your business, just isn’t any fun.

For all the details of our w/Clarity Design Process, click here.

Because a website that looks good but doesn’t perform, just isn’t any fun.

For all the details of our w/Clarity Design Process, click here.


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3 simple steps

Getting a website w/clarity is easy:

Step 1 of getting a website w/Clarity

Step 1: Tell us everything you know (and need help with) about your business.

Step 2 of getting a website w/Clarity

Step 2: Review and approve our solutions and design for your website.

Step 3 of getting a website w/Clarity

Step 3: Feel confident owning a website that converts visitors into customers.


all about our offerings:



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reaching target customers w/Clarity

Excellent response time, great ideas, delivers as promised, professional, and really friendly. A glowing recommendation in my book!
I felt so comfortable working with Claire - she has a warm, caring, patient personality; she listens to you and is able to understand deeply what you want.
Claire created a contemporary website that is a wonderful representation of our business, in a very short time. We love our site! Many thanks!
— Christa Nenning / NENNING.AT
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